I’ve really enjoyed witnessing to the growth of the Women in Free Software planet in the year and a half that I’ve been maintaining it.  Working in partnership with OPW, I’ve seen a renewed interest in the planet during that time, and a lot of fresh and interesting content.

Since January of 2013, the planet has grown from about 25 blogs to 150.  As the size of the planet grows, so does the amount of maintenance needed.  There are quite a few tasks related to feed maintenance; I’m keeping up on the basic tasks, but not much beyond that.  There are a lot of neglected projects that I’d love to see happen to help the planet thrive:

  • identifying and removing blogs that have not had any posts about open source software in the last 6 months
  • doing outreach to bloggers in the planet who do not have photos on the feed and adding their photos (it helps so much to see the faces of the writers)
  • seeking out more blogs by women in FOSS, contacting them about joining the feed, and adding them

Additionally, there is the twice-a-year project of adding the feeds of all the new interns each time another OPW internship period starts.  Last summer, there were 50 participants in OPW to be added!

I’d love to have a small team of 3-4 helpers who are willing to share these tasks that go into maintaining the planet feed. Is this you? If you’ve appreciated reading the planet, consider giving some of your time to help maintain and improve it!  Email me if interested.