I just completed my registration for Pycon, a big conference for pythonistas which will be held in Santa Clara, CA this March.  I’m so thankful for the financial aid that made it possible for me.  I’m looking forward to getting to know more Python coders; almost everyone I have met so far in the Portland Python community is really cool and welcoming and I’m hoping that it extends to the larger population of Pythonistas who will be at Pycon.

This is will be my first Pycon, and someone pointed me to this very helpful beginner’s guide which gives some general conference-going tips (don’t forget to eat and shower. seriously.) as well as suggestions for beginner-friendly sessions at the conference.

I’ve signed up for a few tutorials; I’m a bit bummed to miss the session about scraping and public data hacking, but it conflicts with one that’s more directly related to my work on Planeteria, Rapid Web Prototyping with Lightweight Tools. It’ll cover two lightweight tools that I’m using for this project (Flask and Twitter Bootstrap) so I’m sure I’ll pick up some handy tips.  I’m also looking forward to rounding out my web dev knowledge with a database crash course.

As I’ve been active in the Portland Pyladies chapter, I’m looking forward to meeting Pyladies from other parts of the country at the Pyladies lunch on Saturday.  I also plan to check out the Ada Foundation’s feminist hacker lounge, which I actually learned about through the WFS Planet feed.

Finally, some folks in the PDX Python user group have convinced me to stay for the sprints.

There’s discussion of a meetup with bay area OPW interns as well; if anyone is interested who I have not yet spoken to about this, let me know.